Lesbian Seduction

The idea of lesbian seduction is often far less complex than the reality. Nevertheless, the idea of two women becoming romantically and sexually entwined has fascinated artists and writers for thousands of years.

Tools of Lesbian Seduction

The methods women use to attract other women are similar to the tools of seduction used by any human, regardless of sexual identity. However, there are some particular aspects of seduction between women that do make things a bit more complicated.

Sappho, Poet of Lesbos
The word "lesbian" itself comes from the isle of Lesbos in Greece, where the poet Sappho created some of the earliest and most beautiful romantic writing. She was also believed by most historians to be solely writing her love poetry to other women, and her name became synonymous with the idea of lesbian seduction being a "sapphic" activity.

Inspired by this ancient paragon, many lesbians are very active in the spoken word poetry scene, and certainly use their words to describe their current and past lovers. However, it can also be very powerful when the emotional words are directed at a potential partner. Poetry slams are often places where the first steps of the love dance are taken.

Lesbian Bars
Bars have traditionally been a place where people interested in hooking up will meet, and lesbians are no exception. However, contrary to what you might expect, the steps can be counter-intuitive. "It's funny," says Fivestar, a lesbian activist and video artist. "There's a Lesbian bar here in San Francisco called the Lexington…and people joke that people show interest by ignoring you." It seems that the question of whether someone is interested or not can be as confusing to the gay community as to the straight one. Fivestar recounts how she has "experienced this whole feeling of a room full of hot women who are attracted to each other and no one makes the first move," and also has met their counterparts, very forward and aggressive women. Alcohol can also be a major factor in the success or failure of a seduction - whether giving someone the courage to act or removing the inhibitions of the recipient.

Dance and Music
Whether at a dance club, maximizing on the stereotype that "the best dance music is at the queer bars", or at a "Drag King" show where the lesbians burlesque performers mimic male Vegas-style acts, dancing is another technique used in seduction. Moving bodies in synchronized rhythm builds a rapport between the women, and a competent DJ will know how to get a crowd pumped up with exciting dance music. Building it up to a frenzied pace, some music by T.A.T.U., Melissa Etheridge, or Dar Williams. It sets the environment for the first kisses between two partnersHowever, they would probably not play the pop song I Kissed a Girl (and I Liked It). While supposedly a song about lesbian seduction, Katy Perry's song instead is viewed with disdain by a large part of the lesbian community. "A ****ing misogynistic homophobic song capitalizing on the queer community in order to make a buck" is what Shanna Katz, a queer-identified sex educator, called it, and like examples of lesbians kissing, it's simply using the idea of women together to gain publicity.

The Reality of Lesbian Romance

Jill Sobule, on the other hand, wrote a song in the '90's with the same title that is a more realistic portrayal of romantic feelings growing between women - which starts out as friendship and moves into more intimate territory. The reality is that lesbian seduction is every bit as layered, complex, and passionate as any kind of seduction, with the thrill of the chase, triumph of possession and the joy of surrender all parts of the game.

This is why television has gone from the shock of Ellen Degeneres' first kiss to many seasons and millions of fans of The L Word. Lesbian dating is just another part of the vast gamut of human emotions and is fascinating to anyone with a heart.
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Mar 21, 2012