I Am Proud... of Her.

You wanna hear something? I am deeply and totally in love with my beautiful girlfriend ( and yes she is really beautiful)Shes Blonde and blue eyed, has an amazing attitude twords life and wants nothing more than to have kids and a family and to make a life for her and her spouse... Shes Amazing and sweet and funny as hell and It kills me that I cant See her everyday (shes nineteen and in the Army) and Im waiting for the day shes mine again... Its not usual for two femme lesbians to be together... but in this case it works...

I love this girl and I dont think that I could find anyone that could fill the void she would leave in my life if she were not here. Shes the Angel I knew I would find... and Im so happy.

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JasmineStJohn- Actually, studies show that a lot of children of gay couples are more well adjusted. more used to diversity.

jasmine st john- are you serious? I mean I respect your views, and wont hate on you for them. BUT, how can you be so harsh on the dreams of others? Some people don’t choose who they fall in love with. And you want to stop them from sharing there love with friends, family and there god? The debate about same sex marriages is no longer a financial (benefits right, mortgages, loans, insurance ) debacle, its now religious. And the constitution of the united states STATES that religion and law and not to affect one another. So why not? Why can’t my 2 friends (who have been loyal in there relationship for 15 years) not make it official? Again, not to hate on you for your views, but please consider what you’re saying .

you both sound like you are very beautiful women . what you do iif her spouse were to get both of you pregnant that would some thing to see . it seems every time that i like a nice gorges woman she it a lesbian .<br />
i new a young woman that was a bomb shell and tried to get her to go out and found out by mistake that she was a lesbian . a few years after that i found she passed away of cancer .

As one femme lesbian to another, don't give up. You will find another one. Personally, femmes are not the only women I date, but it is almost all of them lol.

does she still love you like you love her?

Nah. No worries.<br />
Que cera cera?

yeah. she broke up with me. the army is taking a strain on her. she is still one of my best friends but she cant handle a relationship right now. sigh. defeat.