This Is Who I Am.....

I've always had a thing for girls. Ever since I was a child. I never knew what it was called until I reached middle school. I remember in grade school I used to mess around with my neighbors cousin. Her name was Danny. And she was my first experience, although I never count it as that. I am not sure how long it lasted but all I remember is kissing this girl on some weekends behind my parents shed where we lived in Indianapolis.

As I got older I spent a lot of time with boys. My first boyfriend was when I was 11. I dated him for 6 months and then we broke up after we "cheated" on me. Then my parents split up and I moved to back to Indiana from Arizona(where we lived for 2 years). My mom, my brother and I moved to Brownsburg, IN. I had a lot of boyfriends during my teenage years and while I LOVED women then I never found one to date exclusively(nor did one want to date me). I had flings but it was never serious(and never got beyond kissing). During those early teen years I messed around with my best friend a lot but that is all it ever was.....

July 2006 I found out I was pregnant.

April 2007, after the birth of my twin daughters, it finally hit me: I am a lesbian. Once I admitted it to myself I realized what could of made my entire teenage years so much more bearable and much less heartbreak. I went through a lot when I was a teenager. And not one of my other relationships lasted the 6 months that my first relationship did. By the 2nd or 3rd month I could find so many flaws in the person I was with I would start to despise them...they would really get on my nerves.

Well 9 months after the girls were born I moved to Georgia, to live with my dad. There I met my first girlfriend: her name is T. We dated for......a while(9 months) and then broke up. Over the years I dated quite a few women but nothing serious. Then in 2010 I met HER. The love of my life. And we have been together ever since(just celebrated our 2 year anniversary). We eventually plan to get married, however we are waiting until all gay people can get married nationwide before we do it. I personally feel it is not fair that only some of my "brothers" & "sisters" can get married.

So that is my story. Not a lot of people knew about it until now.....
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LoL too funny thanks. I am sorry that you are still so confused. but at least others can laugh at your strange behavior. I hope you find your husband someday and can put all this behind you. I recently confronted an old friend who was a lesbian for 11 years, she was so depressed and sad and all she wanted was a husband. She is alone and miserable.

You go girls! Love who you want to love... more and more services come out on Internet focusing on Lesbian.such as Lesmingle。com . it's the world's first, largest and most trusted dating site for Lesbian.

this is great and I am happy for you, may you get all the love, care and happines in your life. your story is an example and element of inspiration for so many out there who wants to explore and realize their true self.

awesome story..............

Great story. I'm glad you got to the point of seeing the real you and accepted it.

i'm 14 and struggling to figure this all out. I've had a couple middle-school boyfriends but it lasted no more than 2 weeks. If I may, I'd like to ask you how you really found out u were a lesbian. What went through ur mind? How can you help me figure this out, since I've never had an experience with a girl, but always wanted to and thought about it?

just kizz her and see if it zaps

Lucky you I'm still looking for my perfect femme.

All the best to you.

i feel happy for you, and wish you the best

This is a real touching story makes my heart break and then complete

I'm so happy for you!

Cool story....Good for you....Larry<br />
<br />
if you do not mind..please add me as a friend

Great story! Glad you found yourself, Doll,<br />
& the love of your life :)