Life doesnt have to be human to be great! This from the documentary Saving Luna, An Orca Love Story.

Those words made an impact to me, so deep that I cannot even fathom it. It is LOVE in the highest degree, the kind of LOVE that we must be giving and experiencing. I was moved to tears watching this film (and any other film featuring animals). Animals can really teach humans a thing or two about love and friendship. This world we live in is full of hate, disgust and just about every discrimination. And if only we can learn to accept our differences, understand, and respect each other, then ultimately, we will be living happier and fulfilled lives.

"And just like the sun, with a glimpse on your face
and a smile, each time we embrace
or the rain, as it touches your soul
our hands as one, love has begun".

I wish all of you who reads this a happy, blessed and fulfilling LIFE!
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thank you for reading! mwah mwah mwah!