Falling For An Older Straight Friend!

I'm bisexual and 19. I've fallen for a few older women in my life, they were all straight/in straight relationships, and it was hard, but I moved on (never completely, though). Now I've been crushing on a 26-year old for months and months. She's engaged to a man, and it breaks my heart. Also, she really likes me (as a lot of these women tend to do), but not in the way that I like her. She sees me as a kid, and she's super protective and affectionate, but almost like I was the daughter she never had. It's killing me! I like her affection, but I just wish it was the kind I felt for her. 
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3 Responses Apr 14, 2012

I am telling you...this is a big area of struggle for me. I know that I shouldn't and I know that she doesn't and all of that but....it is so strong.<br />
When we are together, I am able to feel things that I haven't been able to feel for years. I have access to parts of myself that I do not otherwise have.

It sounds like your setting yourself up for heart break. I understand the older woman thing, but you are going after older STRAIGHT women. There are older gay women. You have to realize that you have a weakness for this type of situation , and be more sturn with yourself about controlling your feelings. Because i can tell you that this woman is not ever going to feel what you are feeling. Dont ruin your friendship, realize that your feelings are getting away from you. Be a woman and reign in these feelings, and dont let them out again until your sure youve met someone who makes you weak but is also not straight and in a relationship

You're chasing what you can't have. Ever think what you're falling for is just the idea and the challenge?