I Might Be?

I always have wanted and enjoyed attention from my friends (girls) but i am 13 and im starting to think about it in a more sexual way. i ca look at a girl from the back and my eyes automatically wonder to her a*s. even my friends i look at their boobs and such. alot of my friends when im sitting in my chair at school they will sit on me and they think nothing of it but i can hardly contain myself. ik this is just little things but when i think about being in bed with a guy i just cant. but when i think the same thing with a girl i enjoy it and wish it were real... i just sont know how to dicribe how ibfeel. its like i have crushes on many girls. any input?
AwesomePerson15 AwesomePerson15
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 24, 2012

Go w/ ur gut., n good luck!