Lesbian Movies??....

Lol, I have Netflix.. know any good ones??
Thumpur Thumpur
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Loving Annabelle. I literally just watched it and it was amazing :)

Thanks Guys :)))

Kissing Jessica Stein

she hates me...gia...boys dont cry...******* amal/show me love....bound...


elena undone .. the best :)<br />
i cant think straight , circumstances , gia , etc ..

owesm.... thnxxx

thats really a movie.........

onemorelesbian.com <br />
shows sequences of lesbian films, tv, web series and short films.<br />
Gives a good preview to see if you probably would like the movie.<br />
<br />
Julia & Mariana (Las Aparicio, serie) is one favorite of mine. I think it's spoken in spanish and i can't speak any but this doesn't hold me up :)

An Unexpected Love, Desert Hearts, In the Glitter Palace, My Two Loves, Serving in Silence, The Truth About Jane

But I'm a Cheerleader, Loving Annabelle these two movies are the best

Your not going to get anything real or real good on TV Thumper. There are a couple of sites you can buy something decent in a vid. Depends just what your looking for. Mail me if you'd like to diccuss it.

Saving Face, Imagine Me & You, I Can't Think Straight, Lost and Delirious, Bloomington, Circumstance, But I'm a Cheerleader, Loving Annabelle, The World Unseen, etc. :))