To Be, Or Not To Be?

My story... where do I begin? Do I begin with the fact that I am person, or a lesbian? Although both equal in MY eyes (as I'm sure is in yours as well), to some it is sadly "unnatural" and "disgusting". To those people, let me ask you: is it so wrong to love somebody? If being gay is so wrong, why would god "create" gay people in the first place?
These were the questions I was faced with growing up. Growing up, I always knew something was a little bit off. I liked playing sports, i preferred hanging out with the guys, I hated barbies and I even enjoyed dressing like a boy. At the age of around ten I knew that I liked girls, but it wasn't until recently that I realised that I did not like boys. From a small age I was taught that homosexuality was wrong. I hated myself for liking girls, I didn't want to like girls, but I couldn't control it. I tried hiding my emotions... but as I got older and more mature I realised that embracing my differences -as opposed to hating them- was truly the best thing I could do. I love being a lesbian, honestly. I decided that the only way to embrace this part of myself was to find someone else who would embrace it with me, That's when I met the girl of my dreams... I love her, I really do. She makes me so happy. I haven't told my parents about all this yet. I'm not too sure how they'll react. I don't think they'll care too much, but it's just so hard to tell them and I keep creating the delusion that there's never a "good" time. All I can say is that I hope that they'll understand. Cause in the end, that's all we really have.
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You will feel better once you tell them

we are the same .. actually my parents didn't know also my preference and even they knew it , it didn't changed the fact that i like girls and im happy to be who I AM .. JUST BE YOURSELF & BE HAPPY =)