Please Help Me.

hi, im 14 years old. i have dated guys , but they dont turn me on as much as girls do. i get turned on by girls easly , when ever i think about having sex, i pictute it with a girl not a guy. please, i dont kmw im im a lesbein or not. and i need help.
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

Message me, I'm in the exact same situation as you!

Message me.! We can talk it through, lol. I've been there,

Same with me, from the age of 6 all my crushes were on girls. I knew I was different, especially when my friends talked about boys and all I thought about was girls. I have not had any relationships and it gets me down. I am 15 now and feel more alone than ever :(

look, I kinna had the same problem I mean I dated a couple of guys but they were my I'm-not-a-lesbian boyfriend, it never worked out, but ever since I was really young like maybe at the age of 6 or7 or so I knew I liked it girls and as I grew up this attraction became not only emotionally but sexual as well, I know what you mean and I get what you are going through, I get turned by girls only and I only imagine having sex with girls nevertheless no one can tell you whether or not you are a lesbian specially if they don't know you all that well, you are the only person that can decide this so I think what you should do, is think about with a clear head and remember that this is your life and your choice, also be aware to exclude all the religious and social obstacles because again this is your life and you need to talk to someone about this, get it off your chest so that you won't keep your emotions bottled up cause this is dangerous, I know cause I've been there, I don't knw much bout u but I wld be delighted to help you, if you want to talk about it.