Being Me Had Always Been Hard!

If being adopted ain't hard enough try being gay an black adopted into an all white RELIGIOUS family!! My parents are what u like to say bible bumpers. An everything in our house went by the bible so when I started to b more attracted to females then males in 8th grade that was a problem! My family does not know how to except things outside of there "normal" way of life so me growing up and having girlfriends instead of boyfriends was hard! Long story short I'm me an I'm gay and have a heart of gold...don't judge me till you get to know me!!
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4 Responses May 8, 2012

But, if I were to judge you, I’d say you are a wonderful and warm person and someone I wouldn’t mind listening to and sharing feeling with. I know your future (which is the only place you can live for now on) will be brighter, happier and more wonderful and filled with love than you can ever imagine. Smiles.

I am happy that you are old enough to live your own life and make your own descions.

To thine own self be matter how hard it seems, try your hardest to not only want equality but to EXPECT EQUALITY...just from my own perspective. You teach people how to treat you....if you always bow to what they feel comfortable with and put yourself aside then you end up with resentment...okay, I allowed myself to be put aside and now am finding a lot of inner anger about the double standards within the family. I commend you for standing for yourself because in all honesty, YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. good luck!

As a bible thumper would say.... Judge not, less you be judged. <br />
I wish you well, and hope you find tolerance and acceptance for who, and what you are :)