Freshly Single

Just got out of an abusive relationship with a girl, I loved her I thought but clearly I took mental and physical abuse to long now starting over im so scared to trust any woman
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Your still young and will recover from this unfortunate experience Lindsey. It sounds to me you were in a one way love relationship. You can never just give your trust to anyone. Trust must be earned and the right girl will do that; believe me hon; It will be completely different. Part of real love is making your partner happy,--- you will see. Write if you wish and I will reply.

do you have any mentors to discuss relationships with ?

DONT look for love. LOVE happens.

Hii... i know how you feel... but you dont need to close the doors... i can imagine you must have been through a lot... so take your time.... relationships like this dont just put their effect on persons life but even on their personality... so take a break and give time to your self.... do things which you like to do fall in love with yourself again... and try to be what you were before going in that relation.... dont think about love or relationship right now and dont rush for it.... it will come to you again when you will gonna love and respect yourself... so keep your head high....give yourself a time limit to foget everything and after that time start living for yourself... be your best friend... and when the time will be right you wont even think for a second before going in another relation or falling in love... but if you will rush and will go for one now... you will gonna take your wounds in that just be yourself and hope for the best... things will gonna be better soon... now enjoy your life... all the best... good day... :):)