I'm Just A Person Looking For Someone To Love.

Wow I feel amazing when people put me on the same level as rapists and murderers. People wonder why so many gay people have committed suicide. I can't explain why I am attracted to the same sex. No gay couples cannot have babies the same way straight couples can. I do not live this "lifestyle" to try to be "modern." Since I was a young child I can remember being attracted to girls. So I KNOW myself and I KNOW that this was never something I just decided to do because my friends were doing it. News flash I never even had gay friends until way later in life. It really ****** me off that people think that this is just a new problem. Gay people have been around for a long time. People are just finally tired of being made fun of about it or being put down about it or being told that because they fell in love with the a PERSON who is the same gender as themselves that it is WRONG. So you're telling me that my love for a person is different than the love you feel for someone? Last time I checked I loved deeply and fully with all of my heart. If you feel like I am any less of a human being than yourself would you kindly stay away from me.
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I am a male to female and if your a female we could be lesbians and help me pick a girls name for me

i know its frustrating and i understand it, but you dont have to justify who you are to anyone !! we know its not a choice that we made just to be cool, because if it was, it would be a real bad stupid choice, nobody choose to live in doubts and suffer people's maltreatment, nobody choose the rejection of thier own family and friends, so just ignore the close minded people and just be yourself, dont waste your energy on them, its not worth it, just live your life and be happy and let them greavely suffer !!

I didn't choose to be a lesbian... I didn't "grow up" to be a lesbian...I just AM a lesbian... it's me, it's who I am... It's who I always was and will be. But I haven't always accepted this or known this. That is what most people don't understand, it's not a "lifestyle choice". The world is not a kind place, so all you can do is be true to yourself and those you love and just go with your feelings and always be the person you were born to be!!

Love is by heart,, not by mind... We can't control it, We just accept it and go on with it... What the **** others would say, we don't care... They are not in our place, what the hell they know............. WE DONT CARE FOR ANYONE, WE CARE FOR OUR FEELINGS ...

love this, pretty much summed up all of my thoughts. i hate when other people try and tell you what YOU'RE feeling, as if they know exactly how emotions and sexual attraction works..as if!

I soo agree with you, we're the same if not more patient and tolerant than most straight people! Feel free to pm me if yu wanna chat about it <3