I Want To Lick On

Of course I've seen it in **** but I've never eaten *****, I've never even looked at a woman in that way. But I would love for one time in my life to have a ***** in my face. I've had my ***** eaten my my man and its good but a man is wired differently. But woman is a soft woman and knows instinctively where everything is because hers is throbbing too and that secret one time **** is something that makes me finger myself and pull my nipples. I could eat *****, I would love to try that first taste my tounge so wide,wet licking that ***** from front to back. I would have to lick it like that before I sucked in then ****, my mouth would be watering, so full of spit, I would slap that **** I would slap her clip again because I love to slap my ****, I scream when I do. Then I would keep sucking that **** so hard and shaking my head back and forth so hard. It would feel so good to put a pillow underneath her *** hike her legs up and out and suck her so hard, my whole face and tongue would be rubbing I *****, ****, ***** juice and I don't think I would be able to stop tongue ******* and slurping up a hot wet *****..I know I would luv it. Any ladies out there that eat *****, it's that good plus more isn't it? I fear my tongue would never leave
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I believe that once you try vagina you maybe having to fight the urge to go back to penis. Girl/girl sex is way better and lasts a hell of a lot longer then boy/girl sex. But I cannot be 100% sure on this because I am a gold star lesbian. I can only tell you what my Bi now lesbian friends have told me.