Sissoring sounds so erotic, when I think of it. All legs as we settle in, then part *******. AhhhhhUmmmmmm I imagine her *****, my ***** would feel so blazing hot against each other, so slick, our ***** would be touching slit to slit each **** shyly emerging from their hoods sniffing each other out now they are grinding **** to **** rubbing in synch because we know how good this feels and this feels so good we are just grinding and its too much. We are screaming and grinding. My **** is so stiff,her **** is so swollen. I want to come so badly, I ask her if I can come then she asks me the same soon we are begging each other to come, rocking and screaming grinding so hard oh my **** **** I'm going to ***. Out ******* are hooked and shloshing, we are screaming to ***, grinding I *** there is too much *** too much I've never been this wet but we are still grinding and coming and on god it's so wet there is so much juice but we continue to grunt and grind and ***
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1 Response May 13, 2012

If and when you try scissoring you need to get yourself a doubledong to insert into yours and your lover's vjj and then scisor together ..... I telling you its the best way to rub vaginas together. Tribbing, btw is my favorite thing to do.