Was Your Day?? ^_^

Im in love...with a amazing woman..
shes funny, confident, smart, kind, loving, attentive, and the sexiest stem ive ever laid eyes on.
We've always had AMAZING sex...but it never involved penetration...
You see, im 20 years old...and still a virgin..and lately..ive been wanting to give it to her.
So much so that im beginning to fantasize about my dreams, at work, even one time at church during a sermon..smh.
But i figured it might take the edge off if i wrote about one of my here goes...

She and I live alone..and our work schedule are usually the same, but on this day, I happened to get home before her.
So i cook a nice dinner for the two of us, and rush to take a shower before she gets home...While im bathing, i start imagining her in the shower with me, our wet bodies rubbing together as the hot water keeps us warm.
In the midst of me daydreaming in the shower she actually does come home and calls my name..i answer "im in the shower!!" and I wait for her to come into the bathroom...she open the curtain and now im standing there red handed, soaking wet and touching myself in the shower...
I half expect her to laugh..but instead she undresses and joins me...

Slowly she pulls me into her, and now we're making out under the water, her hands touching me in all the places i've longed to feel her...
the next thing i know, my back is pressed against the cold shower wall and shes kissing my neck and playing with my breasts. I let out a moan, half pleasure, and half shock from the cold. but its enjoyable anyway. She takes one of my legs and puts it over her shoulder, and begins to slowly finger me. As my lips take her in, all i can do is say her name in sheer enjoyment and hold on for dear life. After awhile she stops and leads me out of the shower to the bed. She lays me down, and begins to lick the water off of me..starting at my neck, down to my chest, taking a few minutes to suck on my nipples, down to my hip bones.. The anticipation alone makes me beg "Please..Please...just eat it" but she doesn't...instead she turns me over and kisses down the length of my spine, causing my body to shudder and between my legs to drip down my inner thighs. she makes me prop up on my knees with my legs spread and starts playing with my ****. By now im rocking back and forth on her fingers out of ecstasy telling her how good she makes me feel and begging her not to soon as i feel im around to ******, she flips me over and puts my legs over her shoulders.

By now, my body is begging for her without me even saying a word. Im trying my best to keep still but im craving her so much i practically feed her myself. Slowly, and forcefully, she grabs my hips, and slides her tongue between my outer lips searching for my precious jewel :) from the minute her mouth makes contact with me i breathe a sigh of relief and sexual satisfaction. Shes licking and sucking on everything, and its taking everything in me not to scream her name. i push back and start to ride her face, just to give some friendly competition (lol) and it turns her one now she so into it that i feel the ****** of a lifetime coming, all i can do is grab her hair and throw my head back. right as im at the edge she stops. Before i can even say a word, she pulls out a strap and puts it on...all she says is, "do you want it?" and i reply..."yes..please..make me yours"

She lays down on the bed and i get on top of it and begin to ride it slowly, taking control of my own ecstasy for a minute... as im riding her hers squeezing my ***, and leaning up to kiss me, and tell me all the dirty things i wanna hear..then she decides she wants her control back. Now im on all fours, holding on to the mattress for dear life, and finding a pillow to smother my increasingly louder moans, She continues to take me from the back, and im bouncing back, giving her her own show from behind. We're both hot and sweaty, lost in the haze that in passionate sex, and all i can do is demanding that she keeps going. The only words in my vocabulary are "yes..right there..please dont stop...oh my gosh this feel so good...harder...faster..please don't stop" and we keep going, harder and harder, faster and faster until i feel it coming..that tingling from the tip of my head to the soles of my feet. that good feeling that feels so good, it makes you light headed...She continues taking me from behind as i *** long and hard..still begging her not to stop. and as I come down from cloud nine, i feel her laying next to me...kissing me..sensually, softly..holding my as the vibrations of sex finish leaving my body....I kiss her back and whisper "Thank You" in her which she only smiles coyly and plants a small kiss on my forehead....and as we lay there..dozing off i look up and say..."so was work today?"
HERChikken HERChikken
18-21, F
May 14, 2012