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I married a wonderful womyn 8 years ago. Okay, 71/2 years ago she found out she had MS, Lyme Disease of the Brain. Of recent years she now has Dementia, Kidney Disease and Diabetes. She was a wonderful contractor/woodworker. She di beautiful work. Now she can't tell you what a screw driver is. So sad for the both of us. I am her caregiver 100%. She has had two Cardio/Resp Arrests. She has had 13 admissions from July 2010-Feb-2011. I love her now but it is so different than before. At times she can't recall my name. I remained faithful for 51/2 years, A friend of her family came for a visit, she went back to Florida. We started calling, writing and then she came back for another visit we found out that we care for each other very much, then we fell in love. She and her adult daughter an grandson moved back her to Massachusetts, This is where they are from originally. Well after 1/1/2 years of being here her daughter does not want to stay. I told her that she had to do what was best for her daughter and grandson. Her grandson is 5yrs old and needs some stability, he is as smart as a whip. With much soul searching and regret I told her to go back to Florida to help her family. Let's see, November 8 my birthday my mom passed away, my best friend of 36 years passed away 5 wks ago, my brother passed 2 wks ago, today my Chow Chow died. I hav had enough..... I am loosing a true love, we are not breaking up but it will just be different being so far away.
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I don't know what to say other than I hope you are able to have some happiness in this cold world.