No Other Way

Am a lesbian have been for about 12 years now. Am very confused about people and this subject! Nothings different trust me. I've been in 3 serious relationship in my 12 years and have been through it all(maybe more about that another time). Like for instance my 1st girlfriend we have a 12 year old son (baby mama from hell), 2nd girlfriend loved me more then life itself and that was the problem I had her oxygen tank on my back 24/7(I need me time ) and my 3rd girlfriend (which am with now) loves me and is a great provider but she's COLD as ices. So as you can see and lebain people have regular problems just like everybody else! the important thing is that you have life, walking here on earth smelling the flowers, feeling the rain, and being able to be you!!!
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Sounds like me. The first girl I fell in love with is a Sagatarrius.. very cold and unattached. Second one was a Gemini.. she was very jealous and now the girl I'm falling for but too scared to ask out is an Aquarius. She's amazing but I'm afraid to tell her how I really feel. Relationships are so compliacted. Keep the communication lines open. I think it helps