Impossible To Come Out

So, ever since I was little I have always known that I have had some interest in girls. I"ve never really explored the extent of that intrest however. I've always gone from guy to guy, never really able to settle down. Sure! They are attractive! But the idea of sex.. Really does repulse me.
In a day dream, when sex rolls into my mind, it always is with a woman. This first started to happen when I was 13.
I nearly had an experience with my bestfriend at that age, but I freaked out and lost my chance. It always has me wondering...

Recently, I dumped my boyfriend because it hit me. I am a lesbian. I told my closest friends. I just want to be with a girl. I know for a fact that I want to dress in masculine clothes.. But I can't. I'm not able to. My family would never understand. I have to continue wearing dresses and having long hair. I'm sick of it.

My family will never be able to accept me for me. I want to tell them, I just don't know how!
What if this is just a phase?
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Hey I know what you're going through. My family I think they know. My sister has even asked me and I just ignore it. I came to a point where I was tired of hiding who I am. I finally got enough courage to start dating women last year and I am so much happier now. When the time comes and your ready it will come out. You'd be surprised they might already expect it but too uncomfortable to ask you. When you are ready come from the heart and everything will be ok