My Coming Out Story...

When I came out to my family I was in my first year of college(04), I knew before hand but couldn't come out in HS being a athlete I didn't want to deal with it. I thought if I old my mom I was Bi that would soften the blow..... Nope! She told me that you can't be both only one or the other ( but Chrissy you were always so boy crazy) yea it's called a facade mother! But after a couple of years my mothers found out her best friends' sister in law was married and had a girl friend so then it's okay and I can be Bi... which I am no... full blown lesbian sorry mom. She also stated that b/c I declared I was a lesbian/bi that was the reason I failed English! I mean come on! I called her right out on that and we didn't speak for 4 months. The reason I failed English was because I was a crazy freshman who partied all the time... Sound like maybe half of all college students... You live, you learn and take lessons from your experiences! ;) My friends for the most part knew and since I was away at college the way most of them found out was my facebook status or me im'ing them on AOL and I would nonchalantly say at the end of our conversation "k bye ttyl" Instant Message "oh by the way Im a lesbian"... yeah I wasn't very good at that! but no one treated me differently all my friends stayed my friend
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26-30, F
May 18, 2012