A Question For Lesbian Couples Regarding Taking A Shower

Do you ever take showers together, hug and kiss naked while washing each other? I am a strongly devoted Lesbophile and Ablutophile, and for me the idea of lesbian lovers embracing in the shower together in the privacy of their own home just fills me with wonder. I just find it so beautiful I have a hard time believing that lesbians actually do this. Are there any lesbian couples out there that do? If so, do you find it beautiful? All my life I've just been accustomed to showering as something that people only do alone, that is private even in couple relationships. If any lesbian couples do do it together I would absolutely love to hear your stories.
portruss portruss
2 Responses May 18, 2012

When I read this story, the cover image of Room in Rome popped on my mind. :))

Absolutely! But of course. Showering together helps to save on the water bill.