Front Page Of The Press Was My Coming Out Story!!!!!!

When I 1st came out I really thought no one would care but WOOOW wasn't I wrong!!!!!!! I was 19 when I met my 1st girlfriend and boy wasn't it love at 1st sight! We dated for a little while(2 months ) and decided to move in together. I figure this would be a good time to tell my parents. I told one of my cousin and it went thru the family like a windstorm. And when my community found out it was front page press because not only was I gay but she was white it was a double hit for my small town Ha Ha!!!! Needless to say i was shock that people cared about other people sexual decision so much... Now I look bad and smile to myself. So not so bad for coming out huh?
Tconey32 Tconey32
31-35, F
May 18, 2012