I Love Someone Straight...

I don't know why this happened... I've been friends with this girl from my school, that is, until she found out that i liked her. She's straight. She's not homophobic though.. Recently, I confessed that i've fallen for her and she's begun avoiding me. It's very obvious. I be walking near her and as soon as she sees me she would walk away very quickly.. It really hurts my feelings that she's avoiding me. She tells me we're still friends but she doesn't even reply my texts anymore... It really pains me to see her avoid me like this.. Yet my feelings for her have not changed... I love her so much, to the point that i would do ANYTHING for her... Why did I have to fall for her?? 3
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I'm in the same boat right now

I personally think u should gv her a lil space. it works pretty well. u said she's not homophobic and still ur frnd and thts a big deal u know. but think this way, if u have a good straight male frnd and s'pose he would hv fallen for u hard what will u do? could u hurt him saying u are not attracted at all to him?!! avoding would hv been much easier...<br />
think her way...and u will know how to handle the situation.<br />
**P.S. i know the process is not particularly easy when u're in love with that person(trust me, i've been in this exact situation),but u hv 2 decide, whether u want this person to be in ur life even as a frnd or not at all....

I suppose that tht's a good point... The last time she fb chat me she kept apologising for being not comfortable with me texting her.. I haven't had any forms of communication with her these few days except for occasional exchange of glances, would that help? I really have no idea how to get her friendship back, I've never been in this situation before!! :(

Approach her directly..she'll startle(i hope). u see people are usually vulnerable when u got them in the element of surprise(hope my English is right!). she'll be scared,unable to guess what r u going to do next. but what u r gonna do is tell her that u cant change ur sexual preferences but u love her and dont wanna loose her as a frnd. so if anything u do that makes her uncomfortable,she has to let u know coz u r open to change urself. It'll make her comfortable with you..and as the time pass u can have plenty opportunities to show her ur charm and frndshp. women,trust me, always goes for the person they get to know well and with whom they can be themselves(it almost always works for me when i try to get a straight girl)
CAUTION: It may take little more time...so if u cant wait that long...may be its not a good idea...think 'bout it..

I've thought about doing that.. Problem is, she's almost always around her close friends of which one of them has taken a dislike to me after finding out that I was not straight and the others, well, it would be rather awkward if they were there and i tell her that I love her... Besides, i'm rather shy so it's not so easy for me to say that in front of her friends. I'm willing to do it no matter how long it takes, i really miss her in my life...