Lesbian Problems

I feel pretty pathetic. Wel... I guess pathetic is not the best way to describe it. I just don't understand myself sometimes. I'm a lesbian. I've been a lesbian for a REALLY long time. Since i was like 5 years old. I can't deny that it's hard but i just DONT find anything attractive in a guy. I LIKE VAGINA. OKEY? okey,.... Sooo i don't get why i see myself trying to change. This one guy asked me out on a date. I said YES but in my head i was like HELL NO. 
Am i that DESPERATE ? LIKE WHAT THE ****. I'm like the most gay person i know and the most gay person my friends know SO WHY THE **** DO I SETTLE FOR THE GENDER THAT MAKES ME WANNA PUKE BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE A P*NIS BETWEEN THERE LEGS ? 
I'm sorry if you think that i'm crazy ( well i am kinda crazy ) But i just don't understand why am i slowly trying to get myself to date a guy. Yes... i havent been in a relationship for a while and i miss having a girlfriend BUT A GIRLFRIEND. NOT A GUY. 
This probably made no sense. Whatever......
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trust me many girls do it regardless if they're gay or not just to fill a void that they have at the moment. to me, i'm open-minded, i know that i'm gay but at the same time i often wonder if i had a girlfriend and i really love her, would i still love her the same if she was a man. do i love her because she is a woman or do i love her regardless of whether or not she is a woman or a man. i realized this did not matter to me. Give everything a chance because the person you fall in love with isn't what you expected but is everything you've ever wanted.

Yeah this post of mine makes me laugh too lol. <br />
I completely agree with everything you said. It's good to know that people actually understood what i was trying to say lol. <br />
Thank you so much ! x Luck to you too.

I've been with guys before. Totally not my thing.

No you're not alone in this crap. I think a lot of lesbians feel this way and it's TOTALLY not fair. <br />
I wish you the same ! x

Your not the only one girl! I am going through the same problem. Its unfair that we have to settle because it was seems easy or okay. I cant deal with guys either anymore. They just don't do anything for me anymore, and they don't have what I truly what. I really never thought that I would find someone going through what I am but it's really great to know that! You'll have a girlfriend soon, because this world is wayy to freaking big for that not to happen.

Thanks you so much !

Anytime you need to talk girl, I am always available!

Thanks xxx

No, don't feel like that. you have to be just yourself. who cares anyway as long as your not hurting anyone or not violating any. its okay. besides the world does not always circulates around them. so enjoy!<br />
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Author Kiki Rose Lesbian Erotica<br />

Hey , well i feel better knowing i'm not alone in this. <br />
If shes straight , just move on. Thats what i always do cause most of the time the girls that i like are indeed straight. FML right ? lol.

I hear ya sister! How come all the straight girls are so gorgoues?

I dont know!! And its totally annoying and not fair lol

Hey, I kinda get what you mean...I've done the same thing, I'm completely 100% a lesbian but because I'm not out to all of my friends sometimes it's easier for me to go on a date with a guy? I never usually follow through with the actual date but i'll agree to it....it seems like the normal thing to do? Even if there is a girl I really like (which there is) but i know she's straight so not much I can do about it.