I Know That I Love Her So Much...

yeah.....She is so beautiful...she is my friend and she is straight...I have told her about my feelings,now she knows everything..but she still continue treat me as friend and it hurts a lot...I am so confused..I don't know what I must do...I think I mustn't make her fall in love with me...I think it will be a sin...I don't wanna make her live these pains..I don't know if I must go away from her or I must stay with her...I am so happy around her..I think she is the reason that I live...I don't want her to be my friend....I want much more than friendship....she can always make me smile,even if everything is so bad...she has got a boyfriend but she doesn't love him..and I am jealous of her so much,I feel so helplessness....she will never be mine...I know..but really I love her so much...
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Me tooo!! I do love her....a crazy feeling for her...she is my bff n we r very closed just like lovers.....i love her so much that i can't forget her but im scared to tell her that im in love with her.....i realise i was lesbian when i was deeply crush in her...but if tell her will that ruined our friendship...Im 14 so is it young or too fast to make a step...there is a problem tooo...>>she is not my RELIGION<< pls help me :)

don't worry....if you love her, religion isn't problem... and also your gender,your age and etc.. :)

I'm in the same position as you. It's hard to know what to do but just do what you feel is right. I know you want to be much more than a friend to her and I am the same. The fact that you have told her your feelings and she still wants to be your friend must show that she cares about you :) it may not be in the way you want but at least you still have a friend who will be there for you :)

ohhh..thnx... ur comment has relaxed me.. :)

yeah me too have been in the same position of you . i can tell that you should ask her if she love u if she say yes.. try to kiss her ...if says maybe... tell her that you will be there for her no matter what happen..wish you a good luck :)

I used to be in the same position. She didn't have a boyfriend... But she had a crush... On my ex. And I dated him before I found myself and realized that i'm lesbian. And it really hurt. But I actually remained best friends with her and helped her with her crush. And now they are dating. Yay....... But I gave up on my crush because it became too painful for me to handle. So me and my ex (who remained my bff) burned my journal about my love for her and my pain from my love for her. I'm not saying that you should give up. Because about half of my friends are saying that it was a bad idea to give up. They may be right, they may be wrong. But I can't turn back. So I don't recommend you letting go. I think you should sit back and continue your emotions. It wouldn't be wrong to make her fall for you. As long as you don't get caught. Best wishes to you!

Having feelings for a straight girl is like, liking a boy in a relationship. They are already with someone else (like being straight) and will either break your heart, turning you down, or there is a slight chance that you will change her mind. I am sorry if this didn't help but its how i feel when I have a crush on straight girls. Hang in their girl! I promise that you will find someone else who does want to be with you. This world is way to big for you not too find someone! If you need anyone to talk too,just email:) Trust me your not alone and i know exactly how you feel.

thanks for support.... sometimes I think that she loves me back but she is afraid of telling it me....really I am so confused... =(((

Maybe she does, but just like You said afraid. Afraid of being labeled, or the truth. Give it some time, she knows how You feel maybe she will come around. Just don't stress too much.