How To Really Mess With A Lesbian

Hey! Guess what? Im a lesbian.i knew i liked girls since i was a kid.but growing up i learnt it didnt matter what i wanted.i need to follow many expectations of others around me to 'fit in'. I never 'fit in' before.i still dont.i grew up believing i was wrong and gross.i always knew i liked women.ALOT. i just chose to ignore it and be miserable for the rest of my life. Imagine my surprise when i met a girl i just could not was love at first sight.( i apologize for any bad spelling and grammer.not good with touch screens..) i had to be her friend.we grew to be best friends.turned out she was straight.hut i was wayy too scared to come out i tried to make myself straight.( waste if time.i laugh at myself now)i went out with this guy for a year or so trying to be straight.or like guys.nope.she haunted my mind 24/7 and im not gonna lie.i liked it.i was falling harderfr her every day.but my boyfriend at the time(ex now but a good times) had fell for me.and when i finally couldnt hide i was a lesbian anymore ue broke down.and she fell for him. Lots of things changed then...and i may be a bit young but id like to think im a little older mentally. My friends say im a perverted old man. :) (gotta love friendz) i guess i still love her....i never will stop. And i always did what made her happiest. ( even hooking her up with my ex.....ouch) but after they started going out....things got real confusing....she knew i liked tht way....but she'd always send me mixed signals...not usual straight girl talking to her friend signals.but once i wad joking around with her like always(she jokes around with me to..)and i tolx her i was gonna bite her neck.she never said tjis day she never rejected me in words or bodt language. She blushed and hid her face saying tht would be bad id of course i did it.and she bit me back.we'd have 'bite wars' (i understand friends dont do thid.) She knows i really really like when i try to put space between us and she srnds me messages along the lines of: " id be nothing eithout you....i love you more then youll ever know......please dont go..." tht really gets to me.again she's straight and sometimes wgen i playfully nibble her nrck she'll get REALLY into it.l????? .......the most confusing thing is how she's always gotta be super super tht i mind...but one day recently she told me she wad furious...( but doesnt want to exoeriment.shes satisfied with her bf) so ehen i flurt why doez she flirt back? And when she called herself ugly why difnt dhe yell at me when i bit her neck then kissed her quickly and told her she was beautiful and could never be ugly.why instead did she look at me with eide shocked eyes before grabbing me by the collar and biting my nrvk hard.then saying payback cuz she knew it'd turn me on?! Thts how you really mess with a lesbian :Y

Setiously......when your in love madly with your best friend thts one thing.when she's straight but still flirts and call you her wifey and makes comments on how you'll have her have sympathy cuz i feel you.
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Lol stupid touch screen.tht F in ' furious was meant to be a C as in curious.