Am I A Lesbian?

I've been married a long time. And ive gotten older. I have never, ever liked sex. Ever. When ************ I think of a woman licking my nipple instead of my wet finger. When having sex with my husband I would just close my eyes and pretend it was a woman eating me. My husband eats my ***** until I ***. The only reason I *** is because I have thought about a woman. Then once I *** that feeling for a woman is done, I've never had any other "loving" feelings like having a girlfriend relationship. I love lesbian ****, when two women are together they are servicing each others needs but when you watch the male female he is anal ******* her. I love the way in lesbian **** when a woman is driving the vibrator into her partners ***** turning it as it goes in. As she turns the vibrator and pushes into her partners *****, she moans for her partner, every time she push/turn/push she moans for her. That is the sexist thing ever, she isn't even being ****** but she moans for and with her. Her moans getting higher and faster as her partner ****. That is what a man can't do.
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6 Responses May 24, 2012

Ohh yes...what a turn on

Ma'am I know how you feel -pat pat-

ur soooo gay..i like it..........

As an absolute gentleman I truly wish you'd add me as a friend as we have mutual interests! I really look forward to sharing and exploring! Thanks! Dirk


You are ssoo gay lol Seriously.. Why arent you living your life to the fullest? why wont you come out of that closet? It is amazing to be with a woman lol that connection. Its nothing you can ever find with a man