How Can You Tell That You're A Lesbian??


I've never dated women, does that mean i can't say that I'm a Lesbian? Is it based on experience?? I'm just wondering what others think of this. I know some people that are telling me a different definition of it, and if i ask you for the definition, what will you say?

like a few examples, someone once said to me, ''you're a lesbian if you never dated guys before.'' But yeah, whats the point with the 'Gold Star Lesbian label'? and the Silver Star??

What if i am feeling like, i'm attracted to women, sexually and emotionally? Can't i just say that I'm a Lesbian? or.. do you think i must have dated women first?

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Labels and titles mean nothing! If you only feel attracted to women then that's enough. I knew for sure before I even kissed a girl. You don't have to do anything with a girl to know ur les. I'm here if u need it.

i don't really think it matters what you call yourself, if you call a lesbian something else it does not change the fact that they into to women only. I'm pretty open minded to a lot of things so don't stress about it too much. I believe that you should love someone regardless of gender. its ok if you love a guy and ok if you love a girl. its just as long as you're happy with the person you're with, that's all that matters.

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People don't have to have had hetero sex to call themselves/believe themselves to be straight. I think it's great that you want to wait for the right person! Your sexuality is not something you should have to prove to anyone

haha, exactly! i don't have to prove anyone, anything :)