Now That I'm Out I'm All Alone!

Hi there, I've just come out this year, and most of my already small group of friends have recently drifted away. So basically, I have no friends to talk to regularly or hang out with. I also find it difficult to meet people, being an introvert suffering from social anxiety disorder.My pets are my best friends right now, but I'm hoping I can meet at least one person on here! I do get kinda sad and depressed about it... :(
WeeChick WeeChick
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5 Responses Jun 17, 2012

I don't have any friends on here yet...wanna be friends?

Hiii... first of all... Congrats and hats off on you brave decision of coming out... and about being alone... a friend is not a true friend if he or she can accept you as you are.... dont worry you will gonna have some good friends again... i know friends are always friends but there is nothing you can do right.... many people online are not going to judge you by who you are... meet open minded people here.... have fun with them... and you will gonna have some good friends out there too... just know how to make yourself smile... and do it... no need to be in depression ... okay....

Never worry...there's always good people here on e.p. to chat with =)

I don't mind being a new friend c: