My Lesbian Story

I was 7 years old, I was in 2nd grade, my mom just showed me how to make cookies from scratch. I said with a smile on my face, "Thank you Mommy for teaching me how to make cookies." She then replied with, "You know how to thank people honey?" And then I said, "How?" "You give them a big hug and a kiss." Then she kissed me softly and we hugged. Later in the week on Monday we were making group art projects and I was pared up with my besty Danielle. We finished the project, but I fell on it and it wasn't dry from the glue and it stuck to me. Luckily she helped me get it off then I left to get a new shirt from the nurse. When I came back she finished the project and we got an A+. During Recess we sat in the garden and we walked around. I finally told her thank you when we sat on the bench and I kissed her. We got caught by our teacher and got in trouble. We were told it was wrong for 2 girls to kiss, and they called our parents. My mom wasn't happy with the school after that, she said the school was homophobic. At that time I didn't knew what that meant, but I never forgot that day. After that day the kids in my class heard so they teased us. Saying that we were dating, which when you were that age it was an insult. But I always liked how it sounded. So the next week we said we were. We held hands, hugged, and I kissed her when we weren't at school. But yet again my principle called my mom and told her what was going on. My mom then told me about gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc. She also said she was bisexual in middle school before she met my dad, who is now out of my life because he cheated on my mom. Any ways after that I was bisexual until I was 12. I just got my heart broken by this guy I dated who was my first real relationship, to me at least. (NOTE: Kids don't date young you have your hole high school years and beyond to date.) So he broke up with me and I was really just complaining about it to my friend T.J. (Tammy Johnson) At her house I was telling her how heart broken I was and how I could never date anyone again. So to shut me up she kissed me. I was so lost for words I forgot what I was complaining about. My birthday was just a few weeks a head so at my party I started dating T.J. and that was when I became lesbian and not bi. Now I am 17 going to be a senior in high school. I have I lovely girlfriend I met on a field trip, named Nina. Just recently on June 10th, that day after my birthday she asked me to marry her because she is going to be in college next year and we might not see each other a lot so we wanted to make it so once I'm done with high school we can plan for our wedding. I hope my future will be happy and I hope this helped you hearing about another person's experiences with being a lesbian or just helped you pass time.
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I wish I will be a girl .....

You are so lucky :-). And a big congrats!

Love it

Great story. I wish you all love and luck with your girlfriend.

LOVE and RESPECT from The Netherlands.

Check out my Lebian Ladies stories on my page! Like and heart for more(:

That's great, and I wish the best for you and your GF!

Yauh wishing u ol d best

u go gir; GO LEZBOS

Im 3 3 at the age of 19 I was married with a child and found on the internet a woman who changed my life I fell hard over her was with her for 3 years and I was still married but I lived with her on thr weekends one day I came a day early and found her in bed with another girl I was heart broken I wanted to marry her iv had other girls but I was so hurt I would not let anyone to get close to me now I want that special girlfriend because even though I have children I love women

Really nice story. Happy you have found someone and happy that you are planning a future together. Really brave of you for sharing and I deeply respect the nice things that you have shared. Hope it all works out really well for the two of you.

Wishing you all the best sweetii


nice.i am also a gf left me before 2 yr..after that im alone.than found another girl .i want to live with a girl.wnt to marry a girl not with a my family will not allow me to marry a girl.thay dont knw what i am.

very cool...on this valentine, i decided to propose a girl to be my girlfriend but im not sure whether she feel the same or just treat me as a good friends...btw congrates :)

That's sweet

I really like your story so you're only like what 18

i want to marry her too :D

actually it's nice to find love in someone speacily if it's mutual . but don't go stupid cuz our human being have desire and maybe u can feel desire to a straight girl while you are straight but this is doesn't mean love it's just a will

i love your story and congrats

So sweet! My first love was named Nina and we almost got married straight out of high school too, then she broke my heart! <3

Awww... so sweet! I wish that would happen to me one day.

Good luck with that :D

Do any off you girls have bbm, if you do please send me your bbm pins

I do

Do any off you girls have bbm, if you do please send me your bbm pins

My mother . In law sex seduced me at age 17. I was totally in ecstasy and always will be!!

Luckily you found someone who is brave enought to fight for you😮.

still looking for one...:( had a relationship but got passed it coz she had other promises..anyway,nice story

Add me, honey please!!


beautiful :)

Im asking my girlfriend to marry me. Im planning on proposing to her on her birthday

AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck!!!

I wish you the best of luck unfortunately the girl I was talking about dumped me a while ago I'm going out with a new girl but still I wish I knew how it was to get married to the one

Beautiful story..

OMG so HAPPY for you!!!

good luck

What defines a lesbian? Breasts, a ***** or a penis? I was born with a penis but prostate cancer and the treatment has taken that away and now i am endowed with perky lovely breasts and a clitorisand labia that cry for attention. I make love to my wife as a woman would and she responds likewise. The love is still there, our bodies still respond with intense sexual pleasures that women enjoy. ps. we are both octogenarians and life is better than ever!

I really like your story .



i am now a lezbian thank a bunch :P p.s lick me

What a great tale. I am glad you found out your true sexuality so young, and that your mother has been so supportive. There are so many stories here of women being harmed by those that are meant to love them when they reveal their true selves.
I hope that you are your girlfriend can make a go of things and that your marriage is along and happy one.

salam ,first i am sorry if i was rude by my comment ,i just become so angry when i here that someone is suffering because of nothing."unless if it's a physical problem that's another thing"
exept that i don't think there's a true excuse .i'll tell you something in my community i can hug my friends and kiss them and no one can blaim me as they did with you .even i can love them truly but as friends nothing more nor less. and about the FREE WILL i agree we all have the free will .for ex :a person have the free will to drink alcohool as much as he want ,and he can be drunk whenever he want ,an annother one wants to smoke a billion cigarette a day ,that's a free will .yes those two people are free "like our friend who tells her story"but it's the worse thing they can do for themselves and for people around them.finaly I have a question to our friend up there don't you feel guilt durring you current life? :i don't need an answer.PLS go to the mirrior look at your self deeply then say the answer loudly.

W/S I wana ask you want you doing in dis site .

Thank you for getting me hard. Hard. Not wet, hard.

What is wrong with those stupid comments calling you, who happens to be such a beautiful woman, a ***** and stuff? Idiots. Patriarchy discourages lesbians, as men lose control over women if women start loving women. That's what those stupid comments project. It doesn't have anything to be with God or Allah. Indeed for those of you who have read the earliest version of the Koran, Koran propagates respect for all human beings. It was only when the Caliphate got institutionalized that interpretations of Koran were made to suit patriarchal needs.

Wel said but when a person deeply hurt then want and the person is a husband

I can't believe that we became like this,our lord created in a way and we are making objections now ,you are a girl you suppose to get married from a lovely man and live a normal life ,but no you prefered to change your nature "which you didn't creat by yourself" finally I thank Allah because he guided me to Islam

The lord created her yes, the lord created her as a woman and while doing so, he also bestowed her gifts that defines her as a woman and you know what else did the lord gave to her - FREE WILL.

*Cough Cough* God isn't real, fgt.

I agree all this gay stuff is really creapy and against human nature

about "gfds 12" I have one answer :if you said "God isn't real, fgt." because you can't see hem or feel that he exists ,then sorry I don't think you also exist ,all what I can see is few words written on a page.even that I think that you are real as well as God.


i believe this specimen is called a 'homophobic'

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That was a very sweet story. I'm happy for you :)

I wish ma mum was like that she caught me kissing a girl and I got ground for 6 months and I'm only aloud to hang out way boys that r ugly :(

Nice. This made me smile!

You firkin be a sulty hoe bich. You such a fukin bicj a camt beviel you be such a bich you a fukin gay bich bich. You fukin wanta eat ninas fukin ***** bich. You wanta fukin eat her *** bich. You *** eatin bich.

think someone's jealous lol...hard to resist that chat up line tho lol :)

I'm glad for you =)
Personally I think gender doesn't matter as long is true love

so baddd!!!
this world is spoilt!!!

this is so cute.. x) I love your mommy.

You wrote an honest story. This I like. I began being a lesbin when I was 6 or 7. My aunt showed me. I was in love with her. But mom caught us and I was never allowed to see her again....thanks...Becky Anne

gud luck

happy for you! :D

This is where the bad news comes in you see we broke up in September because she found another girl at her school made me mad but im over it... kinda

17 is pretty young to get married. You have your whole life ahead of you and believe me things will change.<br />
<br />

She proposed we haven't planned anything about our wedding

Awww. . . (: I Hope The Best For You!

Awww <3<br />
That's cute :D