Okay, so I guess I will share my lesbian story haha! So my best friend (for the sake of this story her name will be Rhino) came out to me my freshman year. She didn't want me to be grossed out or find out any other way. I still had her come over and we talked a lot about her sexuality. She had a girlfriend and they were together all the time! It sucked cause I lost my best friend for a while. Well I went on vacation that next summer and I realized I couldn't go a day with out talking to her. One night when I was on vacation she asked me if I looked at her differently because she was gay. My answer was yes. I did see her differently maybe not because she was gay but I actually had a chance with her. I didn't know I was gay but I knew I felt differently about her than any other of my friends. When I got back from vacation I kissed her! (yes she still had a girlfriend) I knew I couldn't keep secretly being with her but I didn't know if I could stop! Well the girlfriend found out and left her. I was excited but it took her a couple months to recover.I promised I would never leave her side. When my sophomore year started I was officially dating a girl. It's been a couple years since we ended things but, I still love her. She is seeing another girl who is actually related to me which kills me!!!! But I'm ok. I kept my promise and I have never left her side. I have dated other girls but there's something about that one! <3 but yeah, that's my lesbian story (:
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So cute ; im sorry things ended tho : (

Thank you. It was so far the best experience of my life. Im very grateful we are still friends. It sucks but life goes on!

Good story, not just because it's a lesbian story but because it's very sweet and very Hollywood! :)

It is a typical love story I just wish I had her back!! ):