I Am Just a Girl!

Life is wonderful, and I plan on iving it day by day. I do not label myself any other way than human and woman- that is who I am, I ust happen to love other women, and respect them. I am challenged by them, am stunned by their beauty and their strength, and am amazed at how far we have come as a society- hopeful that we will contintue to do so. I still feel suffocated in my own skin sometimes and I stand naked in my room- I face my mirror and I touch my flesh, remind myself that I AM human, that I am whole, that I do make a difference and that we are all really just ONE.

I love me, and I love that we have so many choices each day. I try to make the right ones.

agentduckie agentduckie
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4 Responses Apr 21, 2007

I salute your statement in complete agreement.

Ditto......perfectly said


I share your feelings, I am constantly challenged by women who every day, at every point show me there is a better way to interact and respond to the world around us and the trials we face each day. I am stunned by their simple yet sophisticated beauty both in mind and body and their tremendous strength that they use for goodness and to help others.<br />
Actually I am quite surprised that more people like me don't see women the way I do. My love and admiration for women does not make me less of a person, rather I feel more complete, richer and more sensitive to the world from the perspective that women bring to life each day.<br />
<br />
Women are clearly the stronger sex, maybe men do realize this and are tremendously threatened in knowing this. I don't find it threatening rather I find it enlightening and that is only one reason I love women.<br />
<br />
I love women, all women, you/we are beautiful, tender, loving souls, you make the world a better place in everything you do each day. I love the way we feel responsible for everyone in need, that your/our motherhood is what sustains us and in spite of the challenges to life that men create, we go on.