What Should I Do???

Hi, my name is Sha'Quanda & yes im a lesbian(: I been one since I was in the 5th grade now im going to the 9th. I meet this girl when I was in the 6th grade she's cute, funny, crazy, she's very down to earth, sweet, nice... We hung out like everyday text & call eachother past midnight. Sometimes we would go for a walk & she would come & hug me from behind, put her lips on my neck. When we were in school every time we see each other in the hall we hug. At peprally's she always looks at me and smile & she would even get my friend's to tap me just to get me to look at her. We even gave eachother silly nickname's. But now we don't talk anymore! I don't what happen, I don't know what to do, what to think, I REAllY miss her! ): Should I move on??? Please Help Me ! ! !
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why don't you go talk to her about it ?! and she knew you were a lesbian before right ?

I think I should go talk to her about it & yes I told her I was a lesbian. Thank You So Much For The Advice((:

chalk t up to your first...<br />
enjoy your sexuality BUT don't spread it to thinly. otherwise they will end up being an empty experience. <br />
be patient and choose carefully.<br />
good luck to you,