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My parents always used to leave me home alone because they would go out a lot, so I would always invite Paige round, just to keep me company and we did what all teenage girls did at a sleepover; ordered Pizza's, drank cola, watched scary films under the covers. One night, my parents had to go to a big event where they were going to stay in a hotel over night, so they decided to leave me at home. I called Paige right away!
[ME]: Hey P, wanna come over tonight, the parents are out all night, order pizza? I got that new film we wanted to see! xxxx
[PAIGE]: omg, yeaaahhh! I'll be over in a tick! mwah xxxxxx
My parents left at about 7:30pm and Paige was over at 7:34pm. She looked so nice, she was wearing her crop top that said 'living it large' over her breasts. Her trackies were hot pink which looked so worn out it had holes and rips all over them. She dragged her big gymnastics bag into my living room and sat on the sofa. 'Hey, parents out AGAIN? all night? Tonight is going to be soooo fun!' She said to me, then she winked and began to giggle. Something was bubbling within my stomach that I had felt quite a few times when I was with Paige. I walked over to the other sofa and Paige tripped me up on my way, making me face-plant the sofa. She got up and began to tickle me, I burst into a fit of giggles begging her to get off. After about 5mins we were out of breath so we just sat there panting whilst laughing. I was sitting up against the sofa and Paige was sitting on my lap, facing me. I looked into her eyes and she looked back and I felt something I'd never felt for Paige before. We stopped laughing and panting eventually and I noticed Paige was leaning in, closer and closer to me. She stretched her arms out so that they were leaning on the sofa behind me so that her face was only centimetres away from mine. She looked at me in the eyes then licked her plump lips and kissed me. At first it was slow, the she began to deepen it, wrapping her legs around my waist and manouvered her tounge all over my mouth. I moved my hand up her short crop top, lifting it over her head. I took off my clothes too, leaving us both in our stringy underwear. She pushed me down onto the sofa and pinned me down with her soft kisses over my stomach, I gave a slight gasp as she kissed my lower stomach. I gave a slight growl and flipped her round so I was pinning her down. She was wet, as I was. I began to move my way down to her crotch, she opened her legs immediately and I began to move my head across her inner thighs. COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE?
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I uploaded part 2 :-) just go onto I Am Lesbian and it should be the one at the top or near the top if not go on to more stories and it should be there under the name First Story [continued]

I already read it lol

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Give us moreeeeeee

Just posted the part 2! :) it's not real, unfortunately! Hah, go check out part 2!

Really? That's odd! Try again?

Making me *** n dats hard to do.

please please finish it and tell us when you do i was so into this story lol is it true?

I posted part 2 :)


wow..14y.o. and you sure know how to keep someone hangin'...i bet youre a damn good

I'm just a writer, 14 years of age, but sure! I'll finish it :-)

Should I finish it?


Part 2 is posted! :)

Im getting aroused as you tell your story.