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My ex've already got a new boyfriend . Already met the one she love finally.
My best friend told me to stay strong and must remove her from my life coz she's not worth and hurt me enough.
I have my exam tomorrow . I'm trying to focus on it but it's hurt =) ! my hands are shaking and inside my chest , it's exploding . It's hot !
I cried and my best friend was on the phone the whole time and listening to me...
It's so hurt =)...soo soo too much hurt... The pain , I don't know how to describe it.
I wish I can attend the class and sit the exam well tomorrow....

My best friend said I must completely remove her ! not trying . Must do it.
hurt hurt hurt....
I'm happy for her...but I think I shouldn't deserve the pain all the way long...

Be strong....
how can I be strong...?
How can I pass this situation ?
How shall I heal ?
Pain... the pain =).....

I need to be strong this time....but how can I ? What can I do ?
kekeiskeke kekeiskeke 22-25 1 Response Jul 18, 2012

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With time you will. Just stay busy doing the things you love, spend time with family and friends and in time it will all get better.

=) I'm better now !

Good to hear :)

=) =) =)