Lesbian Being Honest #2

So, tonight I went out with some friends and my gf, which turned out to be really nice and fun. Every time I looked at my gf I kept thinking about the feelings I had and the feelings that were growing for her. In deed I am/was a little tipsy, and people say when your tipsy/drunk your true feelings come out. I made sure I didn't say much to her I didn't/don't want to rush things and not know if my feelings are totally real. She was the best tonight, she made sure I was okay and she even drove home for me. She's awesome because she cares about me and knowing/having someone care about you is a great feeling, I hope that never leaves! BTW while we were out I only had my eyes on her :)
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How wonderful. What an honest and beautiful thing to say about your gf. I too am in a relationship for 3years and we have a wonderful 16 month old together. If it is mean't to be, than it is mean't to be. <br />
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It sounds like you too will make a wonderful couple, good for you.

Thanks and congrats on your relationship and 16 month old, one day I will adopt.

i know what you meen i took my gf out to a bar and we had drinks and i couldnt stop looking at her she was just beautiful no one around me took my eyes i just wanted to take her home and love her up after more drinks i didnt care anymore i just had to kiss her and show every one she was with me she would say some one was looking at me and i just kept my eyes on her and smiled i wanted her to know that it was her and only her :)

I know that's rite!


i am les i have had sex loved it hope you will 2

lol sorry

Have you had sex?