Okay, I can't sleep last night. I get on here, and I get this message. It is from some guy on his mobile phone. And I get a warning tag that this guy is under 18. He says, "You're listed as a woman, but your pic is a guy." So he's on his mobile, the pic is probably small...I hope that's why he can't tell I'm a woman.

I tell him, "Um I have short hair and I'm a tomboy lesbian. But thanks for making the assumption I'm a dude."

His next response. "Are your boobs hot?"

My answer: "The hottest!"  "Too bad you'll never see them since you're not 18.  Now go to bed son. Nice try though...."

Thinking I was done with it...I get a message from him this morning. He states he's 23.  Yeah, I'd show him my boobs anyway! What part of lesbian do you not get??!!??
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I am getting to where I am blocking every dude, regardless of age, who tries to add me. I hate to do it, but there are like 3 guys out of the dozens I've talked to on here who haven't tried to sex me up. *sigh*<br />
<br />
When I get home, I see I am gonna have to change my profile settings.

Apparently the troll community can't read! *rolling eyes*

LOL In Ireland, my dear, we would call him a "Chancer" and a "Rogue"!! We all seem to have a similar problem here on EP...why don't men read our profile before they consider adding us? The amount of demands from men of "Add me please" are crazy! Maybe most of them cannot read or maybe they're on a mission to convert us ;)

so am 20? and a girl do i get to see em hahaha na ignore em guys love a challenge you get em saying **** like you just need a real man to bring u back to normal n ya like ^o) haha guys r sad end of!

You only live once hun x show the world for all you care<br />
Smileymiley7 xxxxx

I'm not like those other loose girls, I love you for your mind and am really interested in what you have to say. But for the sake of understanding you just a bit better a picture of your boob just out of the shower would be great :)

Lmao! Greatness!!

thank you

I wanna see!! I'll show you mine if you show me yours...just ask Bella!! lol

I'M over 18 and a lesbian...Can I see 'em?!? Lol ;)

Hmmm..I'm getting old...need more pics! efg

I wanna see sweaty zumba boobs! lol

Lol..silly T;)

Im not kidding...C is hot!

Yes she really is!

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