Am Attracted To Older Women!

so when i say older women i meen no older then 55 but for a 20 year old theres something about the older women i find very attractive i find them more womanly and sexy i like that there mature and not silly little girls i dont no if this makes me weird or not !! :/
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Older women make me tingle! i especially love being told what to do by a woman in her 50s, i can't explain it, just the way ive felt since before i understood sex!

Totally agree dude... experience= hotness. For me, probably a lot to do with my fears that I'm NOT experienced, and fear not knowing what I'm doing (with other women). Seeing someone who's comfortable in ways I'm not is TOTALLY attractive. Maybe same story for you?

It doesn't make you weird. However, something you need to realize is that when a woman is say, 30+, she has experienced things you couldn't fathom. Your 20's, and, in particular, your early 20's, should be about self discovery, getting your life together, getting an education and a career,etc. That is something we've already done (usually), so it really becomes about being in different places in life. I guarantee you, no matter how mature you are at 20, you won't be the same person AT ALL at 25 or 30, meaning you likely won't even want the same kind of life or the same kind of partner you do now. Most of us are looking to settle down at this age, and that is something that, at 20 years old, you realistically can't be ready for, because you haven't had the time to live that it takes to get to that point.

I get you 100% but see am from the UK i will never be going back to school at 20 and will never want to do anything more then work and make money, money to buy my self clothes and nights out and money for holidays and hopefuly when i earn more for a nice home i can make for myself so when am 30 am hoping i will still be with some one i love and that we have our own home this is what i want right now but who knows? ive had a crazy life for my young age my mum is with a woman but says she isnt lesbian she just fell for a woman shes now nearly 40 and is on the verge of breaking up with this woman shes been with for 15 years and people have come in and out my life and i kind of see it as people come in your life for a reason and wether your ready or not in time they will go and open up another door for someone else you could be 39 and be with some one till your 48 and it just not be working anymore i now see life as go with the flow and enjoy it because you never know what your waking up to each day but emotionaly i am attracted to a mature lady because theres something about there eyes i like hearing there life i also like how i feel when im with them maybe its a safe feeling?? but then i like that there older then me but i can make them my baby and no matter how much older they r then myself i would never let any 1 hurt them and what ever they go through i will always mature up for them i am imature i like to be silly get drunk party play video games just have sex all day make silly food but if a older women is willing to be with me am sure i can then make them feel like they are also young with me and that its only a number thev just been here longer then me :)

I understand where you are coming from. Even at 31, I prefer a woman who is at least 35. Then again, I was just briefly involved online with a wonderful woman I had a lot in common with who is 38, but I learned that in a lot of ways she is a child. She hasn't worked in 13 years, was married to a man before discovering she is a lesbian, and is now going through a messy divorce and living with her mother, who even has control of her bank account! No thanks. You are right, in SOME cases, age IS just a number. That chic is definitely one of those cases.

However, I know myself in ways no 20 year old could POSSIBLY know herself, and I've found that it just doesn't work. The lowest I ever go is 28, and even that is kind of pushing it. I am ready for the real deal, if you will, and I don't see getting that with someone so young.

shhhhhh what are you doing to me woman?!?! what if i become single and a attractive 32 year old reads that you could put them off me :O haha joke but seriously i do understand what you meen what doesnt bother one person and is happy to take a chance on love with that person to another would look and think not even going there lol :p about the finding your self with my hand on my heart i have discoverd my self it took 4 years but am out the dark and know who and what i am and am starting to like being me :) but realisticly just because i know who i am am sure theres lots of other 20 yr olds who havnt hence why i like older women because they know who they are and what they want lol :P

I think probably the disconnect here is this: it is about time and life experience. Do you know yourself now? Sure, you probably do. However, I guarantee you will not be the same person in 10 years. Won't happen. Wisdom is gained with life experience, which is something you just don't have at 20. 4 years ago, you were legally a child. (yes, I know this are different between US/UK, but some things are universal). There's no way someone your age knows what a 30 year old knows. There will always be that disconnect, because I am looking at what you are writing and remembering myself 10 years ago lol. All in due time, my dear, all in due time. And hey, as I said, there are 30 somethings who are likely right where you are at because they wasted their 20's, and, instead of utilizing that time to grow, thought they knew it all. So, chances are, such a lady will come along, takes all kinds. It is about knowing what works for YOU.

And LOL, if one of them lets the opinions of a complete stranger on the internet put her off...not worth your time anyway. :)

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I have dated both older and younger women and I can tell you, there is something great about being the older woman in the relationship, but nothing can compare to the feeling of being with a woman who really knows herself and knows where she is going in life and how to get there. There is something so attractive about those sexy lines around the forehead, the softness of the belly, the strength of the hands and the wisdom of the eyes. Older women Do not tend to put up with bs and can teach you so must be the teacher/student thing. Lol

im 23 and havent dated younger then 40 in a long time.. i know where your coming from. MOST older women also aint into games, and definetly attractive..

I understand your point. Just remember that maturity (which is what I think you're more attracted by) is not developed with age, but with life experience. <br />
<br />
Good old conversation works a treat to find the ones that are worth it, rather than the ones that just 'work' it if you get what I mean.

yeah tha sounds more right i like some one i can really talk to :)