Help On Sex!!!

Oh I need help. Alright let me set the scene, it was late at night me and my girlfriend are in her appartment. We are on her couch making out she takes out a ***** we are using it. Then she decides she wants to try tying me up. And I'm just not sure. Someone tell me how it feels to be tied or how bondage is.
lesbiansister4ever lesbiansister4ever
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2012

If you trust her, set up an escape route with a safe word and then let the knots tighten.
Being restrained and allowing your pleasure to be at the whim and will of another can be very fulfilling.

If she love you she won't hurt you or go to fare

Just trust her to do things you will enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, ask her to untie you.