Best Friend Forever?

Okay here it goes: i love my best friend. Typical story right? But just let me biotch about it! :p
We have been friends since 6th grade and since then, inseperable. Right now, in highschool, we have a group of friends, but we still consider each other "best friends" and we have been walking to wichever school together morning and night since elementary school. In seventh grade i liked a guy and she also liked other guys, but in ninth grade i realized i had a crush on another girl. I did not think it was a big deal and i even told my group of friends but i started noticing more and more girls. My philosophy was to just enjoy it and that there was time later on the lable myself. In 10th grade- at a sleepover, we were sleeping in the same bed and i started getting nervous and thinking about her in a ... Not friend way.. :p but after that, the crush grew and would not go away. I still find other girls hot, but after a couple months in denial, i accepted i had a big time crush on my besf friend. For two years, i never told her and kept it hidden, but a couple of months ago- i told her! And i got rejected. She wasnt grossed out or anything, and she gave me some time to calm down. Since then, we are still best friends, although now she knows that i like her. This can cause awkwardness sometimes, but sometimes we even tease eah other about it. I havnt told my parents anything. My best friend is the only one that knows that i havnt liked a guy since middle school. I truly cherish her and dont want to stress her out by throwing my feelings at her but i know that secretly i still hope there is a small chance that it could work between us. So far, my feelings have not changed, but i am open to other girls and crushes. Maybe after some time ans seperation my feelings will change, but these past years will always be precious memories of my crush.
Timmykitten Timmykitten
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2012