I Am Glad I Am A Lesbian But I Wish Others Felt The Same

Ever since I was little I've known I was different. I was quite girly, but the thought of a handsome prince left me feeling cold and hollow.

It was by accident that when I was fifteen I strayed onto a lesbian **** site. It was quite shocking at the time, but I soon realised it was what I wanted.

My family is not religious but they have conservative views on things. I didn't tell them my revelation about my sexuality: instead I dated boys, did things I was expected to.

When I left school, my father wanted me to go to law school. He is a lawyer and I wanted to make him proud. I studied and got in, but I was miserable. I felt like I was hiding my true self.

I've always had a talent for art and music. A sympathetic aunt got me a voucher for a day of art lessons one christmas.

There I met Isabella. She was warm and funny. She shared similar interests to me, liked nothing more than to sit down with a coffee and a good book, and she made me feel happy. We promised to meet again.

We soon became very close. One night I ended up confessing everything to her: how I was hiding my sexuality and passions from my family so as not to upset them. She told me was a lesbian and we've been together ever since.

After a four year committed relationship, I know she is the one. She makes me feel happy, can always pick me up when I fall down. She faces everything head on, cannot stand homophobia. I admire her, and she admires me. We are discussing a civil partnership and children in the future.

My problem is with my family: I came out to them but they are furious. They hate my girlfriend and I and don't hesitate to show it. They say that I am confused and Isabella is getting between me and my family but what they fail to understand is that fact that we love each other and make the other feel happy.

I would not change being a lesbian and having Isabella for anything, but I wish people could be more accepting.

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Hope things work out for you, sounds stressful and heartbreaking. She sounds amazing :) hope the best for both of you

Wish you & your girl a happy life. God bless:)