Lesbian Peers

What I don't understand is why it is so hard to find other lesbian friends. Maybe its where I live? Maybe they are all hiding under a rock? I don't know it just drives me kind of crazy. Id love to be surrounded in a community like myself lol ... oh how my mind works at times
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Feel your pain. Don't seem to find any in my area either :L

when i 1st came out over 30 yrs ago, i went to the womins music festivals and met many may womin there---- i went by myself and because of daytime workshops and workshifts i met ones who shared my same interests....begin groups in your areas, meeting once a month - now for ones who live in rural areas, 'your area may be another state' but begin somewhere.....even more importantly, get involved with something you are really interested and the girls will come out of the woodworks.....good luck aloha

Your not the only one.... seems as though most major cities have huge active lgbt communities but other than that were lucky to find a decent group of our peers.....

I live Chicago

Thank u

Good I love snugglin ;-)

Lol id love that!!! I havnt net anyone in new england tho bla!

Where do you live?

New england area

Ohhh..how I couldn't agree with you more! I don't know if you consider my 21 years of life to be in your peer range, but I would consider myself mature for my age(in a non-conceded way). <br />
Just seems like folks around my age group always seem to disappoint *sigh*<br />
<br />
On going process I suppose. Good luck though =]

Lol sweetie I'm only 22 and condisder myself the same but I know where your coming from so I wish you the best too... lol we will find em out there ;-)

Sweet stuff have you tried craigs list..sometimes there are advertisements of locations where us lesbians hang out. Don't know where you live, but its a possibility. Tried to add you to circle and got nixed. Also,try to google "lesbian hangouts in (your community)..works most of the time.

I feel like that too! It's like they have some secret society and I wasn't invited..haha

me too..

Actually iam not hiding under a rock.. Iam in a closet:). lol... Will comeout of it really soon:)

Please come out :-) id like a new friend lol don't make me come in there! Hahah just kidding


Its not really that hard if you are using what God gave you as a woman ( your woman's intuition ). They are out there more then you would believe especially us lipstick lesbians ( defined as hot looking irls that drive men along with women crazy ). What you need to do is firstly realize what YOU as a woman do to attract others around you ( like twirling the hair, or act kinda coy, or crossing your legs towards the person you are sitting with ). You need to be sensative to the signals other woman throw out there or even throw your way. Look for the cues, redflags, hints, and signals as I think you will be suprized at just how many women are looking at you and want your attention. The final thing to remember is how you respond back when somebody is throwing you a "pass" or signals. All you need to do is throw them a cue like a coyish smile or a hair twirl or even a nice hello with an extended hand and smile and you my friend will be in the game. We ARE out there so keep looking with a more sensative eye and keen intuition. Good luck xx oo

Now that advice I like ;) thank you

BTW I tried adding you but your profile won't let me. You are totally welcome. If you ever just feel like talking then hit me up as I also have a yahoo account.

Well I added you :-)