This Is a Laugh

I was actually PULLED out of the closet... the day after my 16th birthday. I was put on the spot. My mom used to ask me if i was bisexual, I wasn't so I did not let it get to me till the day she really asked me. In front of my grandparents who basically raised me throughout childhood. They couldn't take it now they don't speak of it... My mom does though she's fine with it. I am still a proud lesbian though :D
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Your mom sounds so cool. How is it that you were raised by your grandparents? Are you still close to both?

At first they did however now they do not. I do struggle with my religion though. I am a Colombian Puerto Rican Irish Roman Catholic raised in an Irish Roman Catholic house ahaha Colombians are very religious... so are Irish people. I'm surprised my grandparents and mom are not as strick as other irish families with gay children. I am so happy that it's out there and I'm accepted.

Good for you! I think it is great that you are comfortable in your own skin. It also sounds like you have a great mother and a great family! Its great to have family members support you and not condemn you for your sexual orientation.