Heyyyyy Ladies

Just dropping in to say hey. Trying to add some more like minded ladies. New to the site so bare with me as i get more pics up and write out more stories. I do most of this from my phone as my laptop is broke. I just had foot surgery a few weeks ago and im still recovering from that so i got alot of free time. Stop in and say hey ... :-)
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do you want lesbian stand-up?

Aw sorry about your foot surgery. I hope you have someone taking good care of you. So I am stopping by to say hi

hey how are you? have a look at the photos of my wife, I have recently posted, will appreciate to have your comments too over there on the photos

just wondering if you mean to have the one way message valve turned off?

Hi there, I hope you are finding things to do while you are recovering, thanks for your shares!

My recovery was over long ago. I wrote this story almost two years ago.

Hello glad you could join us.

Thank you for being on, there is so many men on here, I need my girl time!

Hello :)

Hey :-)

Hi :) I'm sorta new to being a lesbian and ever since ep, new to a lot of things :)
I'd like to get to know you if your intrested

Hi, I can see we share a lot of experiences in common, I just have to add some (still new here)
But I would like to be friends. I have similar luck with laptops and feet or any body part for that matter, ask any friend of mine. I hope your recovery goes well and speedy. Have a good one sweety!

Well its been 8 months since i wrote this so im all better now for the most part.

Good I'm glad to hear it. I'm sorry guess I should pay more attention to the details. just ignore me i'm new here lol


Add me perv

No thanks.....

Hey Amy,
Hope you're feeling better soon and able to get up and about
xx Lisa

Thank you sweetie..... im feeling much better. :-)

hello plz add me do u add guys

my g/f left me for a carpet muncher. Am I a loser? why did she leave me???

A carpet muncher..???? You mean another woman. Maybe she left you cause she is gay and couldnt lie to herself any longer. Maybe every guy she was with treated her the same and she was sick of it and wanted something knew. Maybe you should ask her and not a complete stranger....

she said i had a small **** and laughed at me . She said i made love like a little boy and she wanted something else.

maybe you are part of the reason women turn to other women. Stop being a thumb sucking douche bag.

Hope your laptop and foot recover real soon

I had to have surgery on my knee and my poor laptop has had accidents as well before.

Poor me and poor laptop

What happened to your foot that you had to have surgery?

none of your business go away.....

awesome story:) add me??

dont u wanna talk with a man? only women?? :(

Hi GF !!! Friend me please. I am bi going on gay. I collect bras too xx ANN

hey hey hey!! i didn't know there was an app for this...... do you have an iphone or android? i have an android..... i'll have to look again ;-)

Its not an app im on im just doing it through my browser on my phone. I have an android phone but im just online through my phone.

I hope your foot feels better. I am not sure why but Lisbian's are very interesting and sexy to me, I think they are very cool. Please add me if you would. I am interesting in learning more about th likes and dislikes of all lesbians. I mean this in the most respectfull way I can. Thanks and best of luck with your recovery.

are you only into women ??

Hi :) what area do you live in?

I'm Alexis :)

Unfortunately your settings prevent, that I can write on your whiteboard.
Please add me, Amy. Think we could share a lot. ;-)

Take care hun!!

I hope your foot is on the mend.

Hi Amy! Stopping in, saying "Hey" ... wishing you to heal soon! Hugs, kisses & gropes! xxx

Hehe Kellieeeeeeeeeee..... runs and tackles you... i missed you :-)