Im A Lesbian

I have been dateing guy's before but never once's had i feel in love with a man i told i loved
Turth was i don't want to tell them no because i do feel sad for them they like me you know
Problem is i don't like them the same and never could and i say yes and shouldn't.
But last time i dated a guy i tryed to be happy and love him but couldn't men they are strong
but the problem is i don't need there strangth a man has inside them i wan't them to listen.
And men they listen but it dosen't come with word's it come's with "okay" or "that suck"s.
I need more then that and women they understand emostion and they listen for a long time.
But problem is sometime's i do need a man's strangth it make's me happy and comftable.
But it's not over love it's more i need that form a man but at the same time i couldn't fully
love a man. so you could say im bisexuel but i say i am a lezbion because of the i can fully
love a women more thne i could a man even though i could partly love man women are
more me women understand more. As for sex in men i couldn't **** a man it's nasty.
They may look good and look hot but if i ever was to make love i couldn't because i don't
like the more lovey dovey part i believe i could kiss a man but nothing more...and idk if i would even feel much only a little maybe. as for a women i could have sex with a women.
I wouldn't mind because i am happy with them maybe i coudn't do avreything with one.
But no one can even a stright person cant do avreything with a man something they dont like. Maybe you could say im lost. but i think i learn more lesbion. And yes my family know's i am a lezbion but i don't think they believe me that i am one yet. Truth is im 18 young to some people to young to understand. Truth is that's not true i know who i love.
Infact i know that at one point i was inlove with my best friend but she isnt with me.
witch is fine we are grate fireind's and will be forever and over time i got used to it.
and agreed love in that part would feel a little to strange. but now im just looking for love.
Will i ever love someone?
nah not form the looks.
but maybe who knows. as for hater's of us people who are not stright they can **** of.
they dont understand and never will but i am not changeing who i am because they dont
Stormwind2 Stormwind2
18-21, F
Sep 15, 2012