Fellow Lesbians Help!

I just need advice. My friend, let's call her Sandy, was telling me how her her other friend, lets call her Jane, came out to her the same day. Sandy then told me she was surprised that Jane told her she was a lesbian. Then  Sandy asked me if I knew any lesbians. I am in the closet in my school so I said no. I don't know if I should have told her i was gay or not or not. I really want to make more gay/lesbian/bi friends. I mean I would love to be out I just don't want to get picked on. I have gotten picked and bullied on before and I don't want it to happen again. :(
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Well maybe then would ahve been a good time to come out because the subject was already being spoken about. But at least you know that Sandy is accepting of the Lgbtq community. You could hold back on telling your school especially if you live in a mostly conservative area, but if other wise if you feel confident enough tell them and if some kids don't agree then who cares stick your head up and ignore them. If they physically bully you then tell an adult if they do nothing about it, ask your guardians if you can hit them back (or don't ask and do it anyways.) If you aren't put to your guardians yet it may be best to come out to them if they are pro-gay rights if not then I would wait until you are old enough to move out in case they feel very strongly against you being gay and want to kick you out. Back to school matters if you are in high school check if your school has a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) and join it even if you aren't ready to come out just say you are straight. Some Jr Highs have them too but that is way less common. You can also check out any Lgbtq resource/youth centers in your area and go by there one day after school or on a weekend. If you find a Lgbtq youth center and you come out at school if you get picked on tell them they can help. Speaking of help I hope I did :) sorry for the huge chunk of text.

Thanks You soooo much for your response it was so helpful. It is fine that is was long I needed the help!! Thanks again!

No problem, I am always happy to help :D