Falling For Str8 Girls :/

just wondering, has any of you ever fallen for a str8 girl? i seem to all the time :( at the moment i like one of my str8 mates just being around her i feel happier in myself. i cant tell her this as she will most likely fall out with me... anyone got any advice on this? please i would apriciate it.
Girlmissunderstood Girlmissunderstood
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Yes I have too and unfortunately you will never be able to change their mind (my past experience). In the past, I have tried to seduce them and or get them drunk and do my thing, but it just only ends up in a very negative light and you end up losing good friends. I think that the kind of respect we as lesbians are looking for from straighties is also the same type of respect we should be giving back to the straighties in that we shouldn,t try to change them and just accept their sexuality and look elsewhere ...... hey, if we do that, then at least we still will have them as our friends.

My advice is run for the hills; it always ends with tears... usually they’ll be yours... unfortunately my own godamn experience...