I Am A Younger Women Who Fantasizes About Being Seduced By Older Women

Written on September 8th, 2012

Hey there :) so I am just your average 20 year old. I have been in plenty relationships with many guys over the years but periodically I would find myself being attracted to girls, especially older women. Ever since I was a teenager I would find myself fantasizing about me being seduced my older women. I would be shy and nervous and the bueatiful lady would touch me, sometimes dominate me and I would obey every command. I have always pushed back the feelings but still thinking about women who dominate and seduce me turns me on so much. I have never persued my fantasies but one day I hope I do. So there you have it, I fantasize about sexy women, I am a woman (a young one of course) and I love it :) I have always thought I was weird for fantasizing about what I do but I just embrace it now :)
Wildfirexoxo Wildfirexoxo
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 18, 2012

Dear Wildfire

you would be surprised how many other 20 somethings share your same fantasies. There are also a surprisingly large number of woman that share the same thoughts. Several of us older gals would love to experience an emotional and sexual relationship with other woman, yes even other younger woman but reaching out and facing possible rejection or humiliation is always my concern. I'd say go for it.