People Already Knew... Huh!?

Yesterday at school someone was talking about a dyke being gross (I don't agree) and I was sitting there and this girl was like "lesbians aren't gross if they're girly. See?" and pointed at me. I was just like "what!?!?" because she isn't one of the people I told and the people that know don't talk to her. O.o oh well. Lol as long as my dad don't find out!
JessikaAnonymous JessikaAnonymous
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2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

It is easier for women to tell if a girl is straight or not but in some cases it can also mean that she has a "gaydar". I had female co-workers who knew I am a lesbian even though I've never been closed to them. It turns out that those women have been in a lesbian relationship before so it's easy for them to tell. Some of them even admitted that they had a crush on me even though I never admitted that I am lesbian.
Maybe that girl who pointed out that you're a dyke has a crush on you. I mean think about it. How was she able to tell that you're a lesbian despite you're girly image? It's because she's been keeping an eye on you.
I could be wrong but I'm just speaking based on experience.

people judge others many times out of fear as they do not understand them selfs