Free Writing #2: The United States Of Ignorance

The world resonates with beauty and pain, the cliché of history. Every love, war, fiction and non-fiction work somehow relates to this ultimate truth, beauty and pain.

What is one without the other?

And furthermore, how can someone like me think someone like her is so beautiful.

It causes my parents pain, I’m sure, and my grandparents scoff at me like I’ve got some kind of damn disease.

But, she is beautiful, and nothing they can say, no amount of inner pain or confusion they may cause me, they cannot change that.

How long have I known, how long have I looked into my reflection and known I was different, how long have I laid in bed staring into the void of darkness and had these thoughts clouding up my reasoning and logical mind.

Why? Because this parasitic entity that’s latched onto my subconscious tells me that I’m wrong, my thoughts are wrong, I’m disgusting and I need to change, I’m a pervert, a sinner, a sadist, and a fool. Our society is so broken, so absolute in its hypocrisy that it shoves this ideology of hate and intolerance down the throats of it’s children so that they may cease to evolve because progress requires them to swallow their immense pride and admit their ignorance.

They can laugh at the “completely unrealistic and unfair” principles of past or even present cultures. Yet somehow they believe their way, their beliefs are concrete and perfect. I am ashamed to be a pawn in the hands of a government fueled by bigots that spend more money on anti-gay organizations than they would ever donate to cancer research, or orphanages, or to aid to the countries plagued by disease, crime, slavery, starvation and injustice.

Civil liberties should be respected without question.

No more, no less. Is that a hard concept to grasp? Why is it that two people can’t get married if they aren’t following Biblical standards?

Last time I checked these United States are constituted not on any religion, not on the bible, or the Koran, or the Old or New Testaments, it was built upon freedom, and justice for all. Where is the justice in a system that questions the morality of gay marriage? If political figures state that they think allowing same-sex marriage to be legal could lead to people thinking that things like “beast-iality” are OK, then there is simply no way for me to posses any shred of respect of faith in the government.

The ignorance of our society is so outrageous and I believe it will ultimately be the downfall of the freest nation in the world.

I’m not asking all these a-holes, that society calls “homophobes”, to like me or want to be around me or want to see me happily married to the woman I love or to wear t-shirts saying “I’m a former bigot” on them, but I am telling them that they sure as hell better respect me because I am more of a sensible human being than they will ever be if they stay cemented in their conservative, bible-pushing ways.

Our nation needs to change. And we need to start teaching children that “some people are gay, get over it”.
Waktak12 Waktak12
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2012