I Came Out In High School 14 Years Ago

i started wondering earlier on but didn't have a word for it. then i meet a bi girl and wanted to talk to her about it... but she thought i was trying to hit on her. and she didn't like that. so i kept it myself for a little while longer. till a friend told me she had lesbian friends. once i told her i was a lesbian it was like an over flowing cup. i wanted to tell everyone. i knew something that defined me. and for a few years i enjoyed that. until i started to realize that if you define yourself as that then no one not even friends want to let you change it. or "double" check that it's really the right label for you. sexuality is truly a sliding scale. i look at men and see the physical attraction, but i don't think i could have/ want a relationship with a man.
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I honestly can't find any men attractive. So perhaps there would be hope for you...However...Sometimes all there is is physical attraction and not a desire to play romper room... lols I came out to a lotta people but my parents are still unknowing.

Labels in general scare me, because often we allow them to start to define us. Can we not be people with various sexual orientations? I know that sounds so simplicitic, since gay people do not have the same rights as heterosexual. Perhaps with fewer labels, are so called Democratic society (lol) could allow people to love whom ever they chose, marry whom ever they chose. Is the bigger question NOT our sexuality but our personal character and integrity?

Oh god. I hate labels...and I know how you feel, I think. The gay community can be very...snobbish about the whole label thing. That is why I don't call myself a lesbian, I refuse to call myself anything, really, except for my name. I came out in HS too, when I was 16 ('87) and it wasn't easy. Now, I look at it this way: People are sexual beings, and we will seek sex. Who we seek it with is the result of a combination of things we can try to define if we want to, but ultimately we come to learn that we are really just looking for intimacy-and we can get that in any form from anyone. I ******* hate having to even address it, it isn't fair to be put into tiny boxes when we are larger than the universe...No matter who you love, be proud-and be wise.